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SPACIO has built a solid foundation of knowledge and service that our customers nationwide have come to depend on over the past 20 years. SPACIO is one of the most respected Furniture company in the region and we serve clients in the Fortune 500, medium to small business, educational institutions, government entities at the local, state and national levels, healthcare companies besides interiors architects assisted homes or made by independent home builders.

The Team of SPACIO inhouse designers are comitted to understanding and meeting your evolving living space or workspace needs in order to leverage your physical space into an asset rather than an expense. 

Our results have been achieved throught the successful promotion of the teamwork concept with you or your architect/ interior designer with a commitment to your satisfaction.

Walk in today with your floor plans, ideas & thoughts or with your Architect/ Interior designer and let us your help you customize the unique look that you have always been looking for.

From customisation of furniture to suggestion of placement of interiors, from planning your interiors to help you implement them, from conceptualisation to visualisation, from working to complete commitment, SPACIO's design services offers you everything you look for.



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